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Wills, Estate Planning, & Probate

There are many legal issues surrounding your estate.  Our team can help you make sure that your financial assets, property, and belongings are distributed according to your wishes after your passing.  Count on Money Law Firm for the legal assistance you need.

Sometimes a traditional will is not sufficient to accomplish all of a person's wishes. The attorneys at Money Law Firm will listen closely and tailor an estate plan specifically for you. Whether you need a simple will or a complicated estate package, we can help.

The legal team at Money Law Firm has an excellent track record in all our legal services.

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The first step in any estate planning process is preparing a will. A well-drafted will designates who will receive your assets after death, chooses someone to care for your children if they are still minors, and appoints someone as executor who will have the legal authority to handle your affairs.

Estate Planning


The term ‘Probate’ encompasses a number of different estate-related procedures that usually require court action. Money Law Firm can help with any type of probate issue and can advise you as to which is the most cost-effective for your individual needs.