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At Money Law Firm, we pride ourselves on establishing close business relationships with our business and individual clients. When the need for litigation arises, our existing knowledge of your business helps the lawsuit run more efficiently and may give you an early advantage over your opponent.

  • Business torts (i.e. fraud or unfair competition)

  • Contracts

  • Construction

  • Employment and labor

  • Fiduciary duty

Experienced in the following disputes and cases

We will fight for you in all types of lawsuits

No matter how long your civil litigation may take, Money Law Firm will manage your case and ease your burden.

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Throughout the litigation process, we take time to listen to you, educate you on the litigation process, and work with you to develop goals to resolve the dispute. Our goal is that we resolve the dispute in a manner and with an outcome that allows you to get back to your business as quickly as possible.


Our litigation experience encompasses a wide range of disputes.